In faith and hope and love we act to bring our families close to God!

  • Catholink

    We are endorsing Catholink, the Catholic Information Service program run by Radio Veritas 846 that aims to provide accurate, relevant and updated information about the Church, its ministries and social services in the country.

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  • Charter Change

    The move for Charter change is the proposed vehicle to adopt Federalism as a new form of government. But ignored in the welter of political opinions regarding Charter change is the fundamental moral dimension of this human political act.

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  • CBCP Pastoral Exhortation

    As we mark the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, Blessed Paul VI’s encyclical on parents’ decision regarding the number of children, we offer these reflections based on our consultations with married couples and parents.

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  • National President-Couple’s Message

    Truly, the kindness and love of our Lord is overflowing! We are just but an instrument of His graces and blessings. Let us not keep it to ourselves, help and share it with others in need, your church and your community.

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  • CBCP Statement on the Divorce Bill

    No doubt, those who associate divorce with being progressive would laud our legislators who are currently raring to pass a divorce bill in Congress. With due respect to them, the CBCP begs them to make room for more reasoned debates on the issue.

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  • Position Paper on Divorce Bill

    Download and circulate the revised CFM position paper against the Divorce Bill, which is gaining momentum in the lower house of Congress. The bill threatens the foundations of marriage and family in the Philippines. It must be stopped.

    Position Paper

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2019 Year of the Youth logo

The Logo features 4 primary figures: a young person and a cross (both in yellow), a dove (in red), and a big hand, which also appears as a footprint (in blue). [Read more]

Prayer for Year of Clergy

O God Most Loving Father, you called us to be fully and ever united to You and with one another as members of the One Body of Christ. [Read more]

Close of Year of Clergy

The Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons is over. We are grateful to Your Excellency (Eminence) for your cooperation in celebrating this year's activities. [Read more]

CFM Raffle/Fund Raising

Please support the fund-raising raffle of the CFM, to enable CFM Philippines to continue its various projects and seminars, as well as to translate and print its meeting guide books. [Read more]

National President's Message

The CFM national president makes an appeal to support the various activities of the organization, for the benefit of building stronger and happier families. [Read more]

October–December 2018 Calendar

Events scheduled for the rest of the year. [Read more]

CFM Youth in the First Half 2018

The CFM Youth had a busy 2018! SADE 40th Anniversary; the 1st CFM Youth Camp in Zambales; SADE and YAP leader training; SADE and YAP weekend encounters. [Read more]

CFM South Manila: Working to be a Blessing to Families

CFM in South Manila is one of the areas with slim population. Still, it was blessed to push CFM flagship programs, one of which is the Tipanan ng Mag-Asawa. [Read more]

First SADE Youth Camp 2018

The very first SADE Youth Camp was held last April 14-15, 2018, with 70 delegates from different SADE Sites across the Philippines. [Read more]

Jaro, Iloilo, Self Encounter

CFM Jaro, Iloilo, conducted a Self Encounter weekend in Jaro on March 10-11, 2018 with Fr. Joel Eslabra as SE team priest. [Read more]

Roxas City Attendees Self Encounter

Rev. Fr. Lenjenie Arcan of Roxas City was spiritual director for 19 graduates of the CFM Self Encounter Program held at Nazareth Home last April 27-29, 2018. [Read more]

2019 Year of the Youth

In line with the 2019 Year of the Youth, we are sharing the "Open Letter of the Filipino Youth" presented in the CBCP Plenary Assembly last July. [Read more]

CFM Bulletin September 2018

Download the third quarter Bulletin here[Download]

Events & Happenings

Cebu, Zambales, Nueva Ecija SADE

Cebu, Zambales, Nueva Ecija SADE

May 2018 SADErs in Oslob, Cebu; San Narciso, Zambales; and San Jose, Nueva Ecija

2nd Board of Directors Meeting

The first ever Board of Directors meeting held outside Metro Manila. [Read here]

CFM Bulletin April-June 2018

Download the second quarter CFM Bulletin here [Read here]

2018 Cagayan de Oro New Unit

CFM Cagayan de Oro latest Tipanan class 2017. [Read here]

Bulacan Marriage Encounter 2018

CFM Bulacan Marriage Encounter Weekend Seminar Part 2 was held last May 2018. [Read here]

SADE Youth Camp April 2018

The very first nationwide SADE Youth Camp was held last April 14–15, 2018 with the theme: CONNECT. UNITE. SURVIVE. [Read here]

CFM Zamboanga Marks 55th Year

CFM Zamboanga celebrated its emerald anniversary last May 20, 2018. [Read here]

CFM Pasig Holy Week Recollection

The CFM from the Diocese of Pasig held its Annual Recollection last March. [Read here]

Solo Parents 40th Anniversary

CFM Solo Parents kicked off its the Ruby anniversary last April 14, 2018. [Read here]

Self-encounter Weekend April 2018

Nineteen participants graduated from the CFM Self Encounter program last April. [Read here]

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Articles & Programs

About SADE and YAP

The SADE and YAP are is live-in weekend programs for young people. [Read more]

CBCP on the killing of Fr. Richmond Nilo

CBCP on the brutal killing of another priest, Fr. Richmond Nilo of St. Vincent Ferrer Parish. [Read more]

The Family: God‘s Presence at Home

A family’s living space could turn into a domestic church, a setting for the Eucharist.” [Read more]

The Family: The Triune God‘s Living Reflection

From Amoris Laetitia, 11: “The couple that loves and begets life is a true, living icon.” [Read more]

New Year’s Message from the President-couple

Be grateful for the many blessings and graces that we continue to receive from our Creator. [Read message]

President’s Report 2016–17

We thank the Lord for blessing us in doing the work in His vineyard, the CFM, these past two years. [Read more]

CFM Orientation Slides

CFM Powerpoint slides to give an overview of the organization’s goals and vision. [Download here]

Radio Veritas Series on Navigating the Digital Family

Learn the issues, effects, and recommended solutions of social media. [View videos]

A Movement for All Seasons

Protecting our core values and principles especially those enshrined in our Christian Faith. [Read more]

40th anniversary of SADE

On the 40th Anniversary of SADE, it is worth remembering how the SADE program came to life. [Read more]

Single Young Adults

YAP was created for single young adults aged 21 to 40 to meet their spiritual needs. [Read more]